Dancing in the living room: Jane O’Meara Sanders talks about Feeling the Bern

This interview aired on KJHK 90.7 FM Mar. 4 during what is normally the Local Music Block. A version updated to include voices from the Mar. 3 Bernie Sanders rally and percentage of votes won at the Mar. 5 Kansas democratic caucus will air Mar. 23 during the Ad Astra news hour.

The morning after Bernie Sanders spoke at the Douglas County Fairgrounds to rally support for his presidential campaign, a key campaign adviser called the station: his wife.

Jane O’Meara Sanders said she wants to help the public get to know Bernie and his ideas. She only recently started giving interviews.

“If he doesn’t have time to reach out to everybody, maybe I can reach out to some of the folks that he hasn’t been able to connect with,” Jane said. “It’s been interesting. It’s been fun.”

Jane said she reached out to KJHK 90.7 because she’s worked with college interns and it seemed like the natural choice.

Jane and Bernie Sanders have been married 27 years. They met 35 years ago, back when Bernie was running for mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and Jane has advised him ever since. She described him as “principled.”

“I felt that he embodied everything I ever believed in,” she said. “[…] And he’s never let me down in 35 years, both as a public servant and as a husband, father and grandfather to our children and grandchildren. So I’m very lucky.”

We talked about college students being the “engine” of the beginning of Bernie Sanders’s campaign, what it’s like to be married to a pop culture icon, the Sanders’ favorite kinds of music, what she would focus on as First Lady and how the Sanders campaign expects to win in Kansas’s Democratic caucus Saturday if there’s a high voter turnout.



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