Updates from The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

I started my reporter/staff writer position at The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in June 2016. We’re a trade publication for attorneys and other legal professionals in the Chicago area. I, like you probably, wasn’t exactly familiar with the newspaper or its monthly magazine counterpart beforehand, but one attorney I interviewed who works nationally told me he was excited to be featured because he and his colleagues consider us “The Wall Street Journal of legal publications.”

I cover pro bono work, bar associations and features, as well as the occasional county, appellate or federal court case.

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the work from my first seven or so months:

I’ve also taken my DSLR out for a spin a few times, hence the photo previewing this story of a judge handing a care package to a newly adopted girl on Adoption Day. My favorite time so far was when another reporter and I teamed up to cover the National Court Reporters Association’s annual conference and I made a video of the speed stenography competition, also known as “the Olympics of court reporting.” It’s online here:

We’ve got a paywall on all but a couple articles a day, so my apologies if a few of the links I selected above lead you to a dead end. If you absolutely must consume the information in one of the above stories, feel free to contact me.



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